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About Brian

Brian J. Sheesley, CCHt
Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist

Brian J. Sheesley

Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist


As a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist with over 400 hours of comprehensive training from the Institute of Interpersonal Hypnotherapy, I have been serving clients since 2016.

Through extensive training and experience in hypnosis, NLP, stress reduction, pain management, age regression and many other powerful techniques, I am able to guide clients in reaching their goals quickly & safely.  I bring a huge amount of passion to my practice as having gone through major transformations myself using these techniques.  I understand where the clients come from emotionally, and because of this, an able to guide them to their deepest truths and greatest revelations. Never do I judge or criticize, instead, I utilizes compassion and heart centered values to provide clients with the specific tools they need to make the changes that really matter.  These changes allow my clients to move into a new phase of life free from unwanted habits, emotions, fears, and anxious feelings that have held them back in life.

I am constantly studying and furthering my knowledge and understanding of hypnotherapy and other related modalities to ensure that my clients receive the highest standards of service.

This is not work, a job, or even a profession… this is my passion.

About Hypnosis

What is hypnosis?

The term "Hypnosis" is often misunderstood and over complicated. It is used to describe a natural trance like state that we all go in and out of daily.  You may be familiar with those moments in which our minds wander or are heavily focused on something all while blocking everything else out.  Many people experience this, “zoning out” while watching television, reading a book or even driving.

These trance like states, are all safe and natural.  When a person is hypnotized, they are in a trance state.  The beauty of hypnosis is that while a person is in this trance, the hypnotist can speak beneficial suggestions directly into the deep inner-mind.

Far from being asleep or unaware, hypnosis is a wakeful state in which the person is both deeply relaxed and yet maintaining a heightened level of suggestibility and focus.  It is because of this this heightened state of mind that hypnosis can guide a person in making life-long changes, enabling them to live the life of their dreams!

How does Hypnosis work?

There are many different theories and beliefs on how Hypnosis works, so without going too deep into the subject, here are the basics...

Hypnosis is merely a tool that is used to by-pass our normal waking consciousness.  By doing so, we can establish communication with the deeper part of the mind.  This part of the mind is responsible for our emotions, thoughts, habits and imagination.

Once in the hypnotic state, the hypnotist can perform many different and powerful processes as needed depending on the client and their goals.  It could be as simple as giving suggestions and affirmations, or as complicated as performing a past-life regression.

A properly trained, professional hypnotist treats each and every client uniquely and respectfully as they work with their client in achieving their goal.  Rarely only one session is adequate to for complete and long-lasting results.  However, the goal of the hypnotist should always be to become obsolete from their clients life as quickly as possible so that their client can enjoy their new and improved way of being.

How do I choose a Hypnotist?

It is crucial to find the right hypnotist, to do so, take advantage of online resources. You can easily review marketing materials and websites to get a feel for who your potential hypnotherapist portrays themself to be.  Look into testimonials and reviews, if possible, talk with those familiar with the hypnotist. Whatever you do, DO NOT rush the process; take your time in finding the right one.

Look for qualifications, however, keep in mind that a reputation for great results is even more important than where they trained or what they are trained in. A great way to check their reputation is with the Better Business Bureau to see if any complaints have been filed against them. You may be able to find reviews on many social media outlets as well, consider Yelp, Google+, Facebook and others.

When you find a hypnotist that seems to be the best fit for you, call them! This will give you the chance to discuss any questions that you have and is a great opportunity for you to get to know them on a personal level. You may want to ask questions in order to evaluate how well they listen, how friendly and informative they are in their answers. It is important that you are comfortable with their demeanor, voice, and instructional style.  

Your first session will typically be an introduction to the process to discuss your issues and goals. If you find that you are uncomfortable in any way during this chat, simply be honest and let them know. He/she is a professional and should respond as such and will appreciate all feedback in order to help them better their practice for the future.

All in all, trust your gut in selecting a hypnotist that you feel comfortable working with. Their office should create a space of safety, and their voice should be not distracting, especially since you will potentially listen to a recorded sessions many times. If at first you cannot find the right hypnotist for you, do not give up, it is worth the effort to find the right one!

Common Questions

Get hypnotized today... Ready, set, sleep!

Do hypnotists have special powers?

No.  A hypnotist is just like anyone else as they do not have unusual or mystical powers.  A well-trained hypnotist understand that the person being hypnotized has chosen to allow the process to unfold, and give the hypnotist the opportunity to guide the person through the experience.

Is hypnosis dangerous?

No.  Hypnosis is a natural state of the mind that serves many purposes.  Although it is an altered state from the typical day-to-day mind, it is very safe when guided by a professional.  In fact, the more one practices hypnosis, the better at it they get and can even improve their memory, concentration, and imagination!

Can a person get “stuck” in hypnosis?

No.  I agree, that sounds scary, but honestly no one has remained indefinitely in a hypnotic state.  The state can end at will, as simply as opening your eyes.

Can I be cured of my issue in just one or two sessions?

In some instances one or two sessions may enable a person to break a habit.  However, the majority of cases require a number of sessions for long-lasting and thorough results.  Hypnotherapy is not a panacea, meaning it cannot cure all human problems and neither can it do it instantly.

Can anyone be hypnotized?

According to most literature, roughly 90% of all people can be hypnotized.  It’s important to note, since everyone is different, one hypnotic technique may work better for one person, but not another. 

Can a person be made to do or say anything while hypnotized?

No.  When in a hypnotic trance, a person still has the power to either accept or reject suggestions.  Weird fact: A person can lie while in a hypnotic trance.